Compact, Energy-Efficient Light source

Wintriss linear light sources are optimized for web inspection and the challenge of operating in a 24/7 production environment. Proper illumination technology is critical to effective flaw detection and must account for material texture, web speed, defect size and type, color and ambient lighting.

Wintriss holds numerous patents for lighting optimized for surface inspection. We are the best in the industry at determining the most effective lighting solution for highly specific applications. The clarity of the images produced using these techniques results in superior detection and classification including exposing extremely small defects undetectable by traditional systems.

surface inspection Illumination

  • High intensity to 100,000 lux

  • Superior reliability up to 100,000 hours

  • Modular for any width web

  • Outstanding uniformity for consistent detection

  • HP Sodium Vapor – high intensity front light

  • Refraction Ranger (LED) – collimated light for translucent materials

  • Modified Schlieren for plastic film and glass

  • Bi-Level Lighting for 3D defects in metal, film and glass

  • LED Ranger (LED) – high intensity front or back light available in multiple wave lengths and intensities, diffused or focused

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The most advanced patented lighting products in the industry