Wintriss Engineering’s OPSIS Smart Vision family of surface inspection cameras are designed for industrial users that demand high-speed and/or high-resolution inspection. The cameras, an integral part of the Wintriss Engineering’s Web Ranger® System, provide a complete surface inspection system for quality control and process control applications.

Wintriss Engineering’s video processing smart line scan cameras can acquire and process video data in real time before an image ever leaves the camera. The FPGA coprocessor uses up to five two-dimensional filters running in parallel to process images seen during web inspection. Processed image data from multiple cameras can be networked via an Ethernet connection to a host PC without any requirements for an intermediate frame grabber. With a built-in FPGA, this vision system can be used for the applications shown and many more. Using the embedded PowerPC processor, the vision system can stand alone or share processing tasks with a host computer to boost system performance.

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