Wintriss machine vision systems uses AI software in the detection and classification of defects in advanced material analysis like what is seen in the PCB Industry. After standard defects and categories are defined, the system continues to learn to provide the ultimate custom solution.

Typical Products

Fiberglass, impregnated fiber glass, copper foil, polyimide film (PI), and Flexible Copper Clad Laminate (FCCL) and CCL copper base substrate.

Typical Defects

Fiberglass – crazing, black spots, white spots, water mark, pimple, pits, pinholes, crease, and rough edge

Impregnated fiberglass – black spots, bugs, fish eyes, and pin holes

Copper foil – oxidation spots, bumps, black spots, bugs, stains, pin holes, creases, and fold lines

Polyimide film (PI)- bubbles, contaminants, black spots, white spots, and scratches

FCCL – bubbles, contaminants, black spots, white spots, and scratches, oxidation spots and gauge bands

CCL copper base substrate- oxidation spots, bumps, bubbles, contaminants, bugs, black spots, scratches, and fibers