Wintriss surface inspection systems for film applications are used worldwide by leading manufactures and OEM’s alike. Our Web Ranger® modular platform is easily configured to material width, production speed and defect parameters of the film being inspected.


Film Types

Packaging & Specialty
Film Applications

Blown films, cast films, and extruded films, BOPP, BOPET, BOPA, CPP, PVC, CPE, PI, PVB, APET, ABS, PC/PMMA film, metalized film, and more.

Optical Film Applications

Optical grade BOPET, polarizer film, prism film, TAC, OPF, window film, PVA, 3D film, Light guide plate, optical protective film, BEF, diffusion film, anti-reflective film, anti-glare film, LCP film, CPI film, and more.

Typical Defects

Bright spot, scratch, micro- scratch, gels, bumps, streaks, voids, stains, pinholes, crease, folds, and contaminants, etc.