Wintriss web inspection systems detect 100% of surface defects in Battery Separator Film, Battery Electrode, and Al-Plastic Film. Real time processing of high-resolution imagery supports the highest quality goals.


Typical Products

separator films, electrodes, and aluminum film laminate

Typical Defects

Bright spot, scratch, micro- scratch, gels, bumps, streaks, voids, stains, pinholes, crease, folds, and contaminants, etc. 

Battery Separator Films

Holes, oil spots, tears, delamination, bright spots, dark lines, stains, scratches, gels, roll impression, contaminants, and streaks.

Battery Electrodes

Scratches, wrinkles, missing coatings, missing carbon, dents, bumps, bright spots, black spots, bubbles, and fold lines.

Aluminum Laminate Films

Bumps, contaminants, stain, voids, air bubbles, wrinkles, scratches, dark spots, fish eyes, pin holes, and fold lines.