Wintriss Inspection Solutions Installs Optical BOPET Inspection System

Taipei, Taiwan- November 21, 2012

Wintriss Inspection Solutions has installed another optical BOPET inspection system. The inspection system, comprised of multiple Wintriss OPSIS 8000-320  smart cameras and patented Refraction Ranger illumination systems, defects as small as 40 microns, at speeds up to 400m/min. Wintriss illumination systems have made it possible for optical film producers to detect hard-to-see defects in their film. Wintriss has installed over 70 optical film inspection systems in Korea, Taiwan and China ,  and is recognized by film producers as the market leader for the inspection of display films at high speeds.

To see the video,  use the below link.

For more information on inspection systems, please contact Sujoy Guha at Wintriss Inspection Solutions, Taiwan (

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